Chemistry Consulting is a consulting company that operates within all branches of chemistry. Chemistry Consulting has core competences in the areas below. Chemistry Consulting does consultancy on a hourly basis, project management, management consultancy and recruiting. All the areas with chemistry in common.

Chemistry Consulting has cores competencies within


If you are a freelance chemist and have competences that exceeds the normal within at least one chemistry are, and you are interested in work read more about freelance chemistry consultants.

Analytical chemistry

With analytical method development you will experience significance advantages, such as cheap analytical methods, short leadtime, better result quality. With our approach you will experience what we call LEAN method development. Read more about all the advantages with analytical method development.


Chemistry Consulting are experts in handling chemistry problems that needs to be solved now. We have consultants, freelancers and in some chemistry areas our own laboratory facilities. Read more about what your company can achieve by hyring consultants from Chemistry Consulting

Energy technology

Energy, battery and fuel cell technology is the key to the modern society. Chemistry Consulting has the capacity to take on highly complex tasks within these areas and similar technologies. Chemistry Consulting has it's own research facilities located in Copenhagen. Read more abourt what your company can achive within energy technology throug Chemistry Consulting.

IT and chemistry

A key to successful chemistry is effective control of your data. This typically implys CDS, LIMS and ERP systems. Chemistry Consulting have experience from the chemistry side of integrated systems and therefore we can be a highly valid partner in getting the proper solution that your company needs. Read more about which consultancy your company can achive with in IT systems for chemistry.

Material development

Material development

Material development is a key issue in new products, therefore the development lead time is interlocked with the material development time. Chemistry Consulting does advanced material development from our own facilities in Copenhagen so your development lead time will be low. Read more about how Chemistry Consulting can help your company in material development.